PRIME’s Claims Management System is a robust and technologically advanced SaaS based claims processing software solution helping the Insurers to process their Claims quickly and efficiently.

Claims processing is one of the key areas of improvement for insurers to embrace in order to better both their customer service, organizational income, and expense management.

PRIME’s Claims Management system (CMS) helps businesses simplify the claims process for customers, employees, agents, and third parties alike. Our CMS has been developed to offer a vastly improved user experience, through insurer-defined screens and workflows alongside easy integration with the Policy Administration System and other core applications within the company.

Key Features of Our Claims Management System include:

  • Easily-managed claims data processing and user-configured rules options for case management and process workflow.
  • FNOL reporting and case number creation made easy with notifications to and from various sources, including mail, fax, email, and CSR. Notification details are always recorded, and can vary by type of claim.
  • Dynamic and customized screens for the type of claim being reported.
  • Support for insurers’ organizational-level, business process management flow.
  • User-defined workflows for different sets, types, and sizes of damages and claims.
  • Highly accurate in-house predictive analytics tools, all within a claims system that enables insurers to identify frauds and other bad claims upfront.
  • Customized reports, notifications, and rule-based alerts that improve reporting and analytics.
  • Analytical reports and ratios (Combined, Loss, Expense, Settlement, Claim, LAE, IBNR etc.) to monitor claims capacity, control costs, and manage reserves.
  • Improved channel management, providing better operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and retention, process effectiveness, and cycle time.
  • Improved maintenance of claims documentation and options for scanning, Imaging, and PDF file generation.