PRIME’s insurance billing system is a SaaS-based application helping insurer’s gain a competitive advantage in the market, due to the complete automation of the billing process and an enhanced user experience in conjunction with lower maintenance costs. Detailed invoicing and transactional information for every account assists insurers in avoiding any errors and keeping bad transactions at bay.

Improved service = improved customer relationships.

We know better than anyone the importance of forging and maintaining the best possible client relationships. With its insurer and customer-friendly features, our health insurance billing software is an essential tool for providing your best service to date — thus helping you retain your clients in the long-term.


  • Complete insurer control over the billing system and its updates.
  • Complete automation capability for the billing life cycle.
  • Support for various invoice formats, along with both summarized and detailed reports.
  • Well-managed, account-specific payments and receivables data, as well as agent and agency account reports information.
  • Support for multiple billing options, such as direct bill and agency bill; support for multiple payment options, including EFT, e-cheque, cash, and credit card.
  • On-time action on accounts in coordination with the Policy Administration System for handling on-time payments, late payments, and insufficient funds.
  • Quick and easy handling of automatic billing fee assignments and commission management.
  • Customizable billing and calculation methods based on the requirements of your state and line(s) of business.
  • State- and business-specific billing rules configurable by insurers, based on payment dates and plans — without any programming changes.
  • Quick access to customer billing information and choices based on end user requirements.
  • Premier management of customer service reps, finance teams, and billing teams without any overlaps.
  • Easy integration with third-party payment systems and claims, PAS, and accounting systems.
  • Error-free refund check processing and reconciliation.
  • Standard billing report generation and the flexibility to configure reports based on the insurer’s needs, including:
    • Account statements
    • Commission statements
    • Billing period statements
    • Late pay statements
    • Premium due statements
    • Monthly/quarterly statements
    • User-customized reporting requirements

The necessity of operating a business with manual resources is on a steady decline. Reducing the time needed to manage errors can further enable insurers to reduce their expenses and increase cash flow, which in turn improves customer service and customer satisfaction.

The flexibility to introduce or replace old legacy systems — or any billing system — with no risk is absolutely vital in order for businesses to gain and maintain a market advantage. The ability to add new products, introduce and manage billing and payment plans, and implement regulatory changes through user configuration is necessary in order to successfully transition from a legacy system to a newer, modern one such as PrimePAS.